Airwolf Card Model
Thanks to William Aldridge, you can create a good-looking display model of Airwolf for little more than the cost of paper and glue. The template for this model, in pdf format, can be downloaded and printed. Then, follow the scoring lines to cut out and fold each piece. This model is so detailed, it even includes the weapons. Take a look at William's completed model in Scale Re-Creations.

This is William's first computer-designed model, with painting provided by Alex Costenoble, as well as his first public release. The instructions are detailed, but geared toward experienced modelers.

New to card modeling? As this Airwolf requires a level of modeling experience, William recommends cutting your teeth on a simpler model available from a variety of sources, including his favorite, Be sure to check out his commercially available F2 Super Corsair as well.

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